A former journalist and Chillington resident, Alex Morrison, is releasing his first published work called; "There's Someone in Reception.", a book based on interviews with generations of journalists about the curious tradition of newspaper 'walk-ins'.

Alex, who grew up in and around Kingsbridge, completed his NCTJ in Cornwall and then went on to get his first journalism job at the Crawley News in Sussex. He then moved on to the Dorking Advertiser in Surrey, where he was a news editor there for three years, till 2013, before moving on to work for the BBC in London. Alex also did work experience for the Gazette.

The idea for the book was brought about by Alex's decade of experience working in journalism. Alex said: "I had the idea for the book based on my experience in local journalism" he explained, "I put a call out in around January 2022, saying, I'd like to write a book about 'walk-ins' to local papers, has anyone got any good material? I got, hundreds, possibly thousands of replies."

The title, 'There's Someone in Reception,' was a natural choice," said Alex. "It's a frequent opening line for these tales – a receptionist announcing a visitor with an unbelievable story."

The book covers stories that made international headlines and exposed major crime networks to readers who walked in with a hand grenade and a bag of dead bats, "There's Someone In Reception" explores the good, the bad and the downright bizarre of working in local news.

The book is available in all formats on Amazon from Wednesday, June 5.