The police and crime commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly has launched a poll to ask whether people would be happy to ‘pay more to get more’ police officers.

This comes after the plea for more officers on the street was debated at Dartmouth Town Council’s full council meeting on Monday.

The police and crime commissioner, Alison Hermandez is asking residents if they would be prepared to pay an extra 40p a month to fund improvements to policing which would include 85 more officers.

Currently most households in the region contribute less than £3.20 a week to pay for policing through the council tax precept.

A rise of 41p a week for a band C property would enable the force to recruit 85 officers by the end of 2020, taking the force strength to 3,100 officers-the highest level since police and crime commissioners were introduced in 2012.

Cllr Tessa de Galleani asked if there could be a larger police presence in the town on some weekends at the full council meeting.

She said living at the bottom of Dartmouth is becoming “very uncomfortable” with people shouting, throwing bottles, pubs open late and speeding cars.

County Councillor, Jonathan Hawkins said: “I think most people would be prepared to pay a little more to get better front line services”.

He made this claim after Cllr Paul Allen said: “We’re being taxed and taxed and taxed and we don’t seem to be getting a great deal from it.”

Cllr Steve Smith reminded councillors of the recommendation he made at the last full council meeting in December.

At the meeting last year, Cllr Smith suggested sending a letter to the chief constable and the police and crime commissioner to ask for a higher manpower for Dartmouth.

The mayor, Cllr Rob Lyon said the council had not received a response from the letter by the full council meeting on Monday.

A decision on the raise in council tax will be made by the Police and Crime Commissioner ahead of the meeting of the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel on Friday, February 8.

Alison has asked residents to make their views on this precept known by completing a brief survey on ‘Investing in your police force’ on SurveyMonkey or by calling the office on 01392 225555.