FIRE crews from Kingsbridge, Dartmouth and Salcombe were called to Kellaton on Friday after a bathroom caught fire.

Fire crews were called to Kellaton, in-land between Hallsands and Beesands, on Friday morning, after an en-suite bathroom caught fire and spread to the roof.

When crews arrived there was smoke billowing from the roof and firefighters battled the blaze with breathing apparatus and ladders.

A spokesman for Dartmouth Fire Station said: ‘No one was injured and crews worked hard to salvage and cut away inside the building and remove slates to check for fire spread and to ensure hot spots were dealt with.

‘The fire was believed to of been caused by an exposed beam in the chimney igniting and spreading through the cavity wall to the room above and roof. We would like to remind people to ensure that their chimneys are not only swept regularly but that the linings and brick construction is sound.’

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