A public consultation regarding plans for a new skate park in Kingsbridge took place on Thursday, which showcased the overwhelming support for the project.

The plan for this new community space, which has been frontmanned by Adam Sherring, the owner of Habit in Kingsbridge, will see a revamp of the current skatepark in Kingsbridge.

The meeting was attended by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and several Town Councillors, as well as representatives of the contractor Wheelscape 2, which were recruited to build the park.

Many people are excited for the development of the new skatepark, which will create a community space where people of all ages can join together and enjoy the new facility.

One of the issues that was raised at the meeting was that of the removal of some trees for the development. However, these trees will be replaced with additional trees, with nine being felled but twelve more being planted elsewhere.

Martina Edmonds, Deputy Mayor and a member of the Property and Recreation Committee said of the meeting: “There was overwhelming support at the consultation and I understand the only concerns have been about the removal of some trees... These trees will be replaced and there will be additional trees.”

She added: “I’m so delighted the town is going to get this facility. Some people will be surprised that it’s not just for young people. People in their sixties use it.”

Adam Sherring described the meeting as “very positive”. He said: “‘We had a really successful consultation where the overwhelming majority supported our plans to expand the skatepark and relandscape the bank above.”

He said of concerns over the removal of trees: “Tree removal is a rightly sensitive subject but when explained that we will be replacing poor quality trees, which currently present a risk to users, with a more suitable species the majority were again in full support. There will be a net gain of three trees and we will be donating one hundred more to our supporters to plant in our community.”

The project, which will cost around £250,000, was undertaken by Adam in March 2021, and a crowdfunder was set up to raise as much money as possible for the scheme. This was extremely successful and met its target in January, raising over £38,000 pounds. Kingsbridge Town Council has since donated £50,000 to the project.