E Taylor, Redford way, Kingsbridge, writes:

I would agree with Mr Boemclas, it would be nice if more people in this country consider their neighbours.

I have been saying the same for years, having been brought up in Germany where their weekends are precious, and are treated as such.

Here in Kingsbridge it is very different.

We live in Redford Way, where one particular neighbour, has chosen to destroy the pleasant weekends of his neighbours, by selling his land so Morrisons can build a petrol filling station there.

We understand this Petrol Station will be open to traffic, car washes, vacuums etc. 365 days a year.

But it is fine for him, as he will not have to live there himself, and will continue to enjoy the weekends.

So thank your lucky stars Mr Boemclas, that a little lawnmower noise is all you will have to put up with!

If you can't beat them ... join them.