The South Hams has a total of 731 reported potholes awaiting repair.

The figure was revealed at the latest monthly meeting of Ivybridge Town Council by Devon County Councillor Roger Croad.

Cllr Croad said: “Social services are steadily hollowing out the rest of the council.

“Of the £700m net council budget, £588 goes on social services with just £85m going on highways.

“That said, given the choice between spending the money on people or potholes, I know where my vote would go.”

A pothole is officially defined as being at least 40mm deep and 300mm long.

It can damage tyres and suspensions and be dangerous to cyclists.

Devon County Council have a special section on their website from where potholes can be reported:

Once this is done an inspection will be made and it will be decided if more action is needed.