Steve Dooley, of South Pool, near Kingsbridge, writes:

Those campaigning for the UK to stay in the European Union talk about leaving/ remaining in Europe, rather than the EU.

They try to confuse the concepts in our minds. 

Maybe they think we are too daft to distinguish between a political organisation and a continental landmass. 

Let’s be clear. We Brexiters love Europe – the continent, the nations, the people, the culture, the cities, the food. 

We welcome Europeans as visitors and enjoy visiting them; we like to trade with them; we twin our towns with them; we like to co-operate with them on issues like security, policing, and environment. We even participate in the EuroVision Song Contest! 

We object only to being in the political structure of the European Union which exercises undemocratic control over our lives and charges us a huge sum of money for the privilege. 

Our friendship with Europe and its peoples existed before we joined the Common Market in 1973, and will continue long after we Brexit on Thursday, June 23.