An award winning documentary is getting a special screening in Totnes next week - with the filmmaker on hand in person to talk about the project and answer questions.

Much Ado About Dying is described as an intimate, funny and moving portrayal of the end of a solitary life, and a quietly critical assessment of the inadequate resources available in the UK for a rapidly ageing population.

The film asks timely questions about ageing in the LGBTQ+ community and how we can care for those who have lived lives that defy convention. It tells the story of filmmaker Simon Chambers, who is shooting a documentary in India when his octogenarian uncle David calls him with a message of doom: “I think I may be dying.”

Simon finds his life drastically interrupted and everything that could go wrong does go wrong as he tries to help his uncle have a good death.

The screening will be introduced by Simon himself and forms part of the UK-wide Dying Matters Awareness Week.  It’s at Totnes Cinema on 9 May

Actress Juliet Stevenson raved about the film, which won the Best Directed Film category at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam

"I absolutely loved every minute of it. David is completely captivating as a subject, and the handling of his story is exquisite. So moving and funny and altogether extraordinary," she said.

The film is also showing at selected cinemas across the UK.