Dartmouth Food Bank, a charity which helps countless families in Dartmouth and the surrounding areas by supplying struggling residents with food and essential products, have listed the way people can donate to them in order to assist their important work.

Part of the Food Bank's work involves distributing resource bags, which have essential items such as tinned goods, sanitary products and household items, but recently the Food Bank's has seen an increase in demand for the resources that they provide. Thus, they have appealed to the public to donate what they can.

Jonathan Hawkins, said: “Over the last 12 months we have seen an increase in people who have asked for help. Donations can be made via our website or in person at Townstal Hall on the day. Any support financially or by actual food greatly received in particle tinned food or long life items.”

One of the ways they are encouraging people to give is through their Amazon Wish List, which they have created to highlight the items people using the Food Bank are most in need of.

The Food Bank have also highlighted that people that have a delivery plan with a major supermarket and a TQ6 delivery location can send a delivery to the Food Bank through their supermarket, or through delivery service Happy Shopper. All they need to do is reach out to the Food Bank to let them know the delivery location, and and a volunteer will collect the items.

The Food Bank also have various drop off points in the town. These are located at Lidls, M & S, Yorkshire B/S, Dartmouth Town Council, Fresh Dental & Implant Clinic, Friday Hub at Townstal.

Alternatively, people can donate directly to the Food Bank with a standing order or one-off donation, which will help them to obtain resources for local people and continue assisting struggling families. Donations can be made directly to the Food Bank's bank account or cheques, payable to Dartmouth & District Food Bank, can be taken to Yorkshire Bank on South Embankment or posted to a local TQ6 address. Jonathan added: “Dartmouth and District Food Bank and the Community Hub at Townstal Hall is there to offer help and advice every Friday morning. A warm welcome is always there.”