By Amy Taylor

The crowdfunder for a new skatepark in Kingsbridge has come to an end, after countless local businesses and people rallied round to raise as much as possible for the park.

The total cost of the project is £250,000, and the team had previously raised £100,000, but hoped to raise a further £30,000 towards the building cost through their crowdfunder. They successfully hit its target by raising a huge £38,845, meaning that the plans can go ahead to revamp the current skatepark, which has fallen into disreapir and remains unused.

Adam Sherring, owner of Habit in Kingsbdirge and organiser of the crowdfunder, said: “Just want to say a massive thank you to all of the generous supporters of our Crowdfunder! We raised a total of £38,845 through the platform meaning, after fees deducted, we can put £38,045 towards our new Skatepark!”

The team will now open discussions with Sport England and the National Lottery to see if they can assist in funding the rest.

The plans for the park are steeped in the idea of building a community space where people of all ages can socialise and try out a new sport, and countless businesses have been getting involved in the project, by donating money or offering up incentives, such as personalised bricks for the park.

The park has been designed by Wheelscape, which is a park designing company that brings together some of the best designers in the industry.

They say of their work: “As physical and mental health continues to decline there is an increasing demand for inclusive leisure and activity strategies. The integration of skateparks and alternative sports alongside traditional sports and play is now long overdue.”

The positive impact on mental health is something Adam also stressed as well: “I think this could have a huge impact on our community. There isn’t a safe, dedicated area for anyone using a wheeled device to practice and develop their skills. The park is aimed at beginners to intermediates to encourage people to take up a new pastime proven to improve mental and physical health. I am sure some only envisage the skaters found on the town square will use it, but that’s just not true. Spend any time at a purpose built skatepark and you will be able to see what a diverse and inclusive culture it encourages. There is really no age limit on such a facility. Plus its free! Once it’s up and running we plan on running some lessons with qualified coaches.

“The recent pandemic has taken its toll on peoples mental and physical health, and we don’t yet know its full impact. Physical activities are an important part of remedying any decline in this area. A free-to-use local facility where you can ride solo or with friends should be an absolute staple feature of any community.”

Adam added: “Thanks again, (its) great to see our community pull together to push the town forward.”