Industrious Lifeworks students are proving that learning disabilities are no barrier to work.

Greenlife in Totnes town centre and Totnes Tyres have taken on work placement students Aron and Cameron, helping to raise the confidence of the students.

Peter Maule, Greenlife manager, said: “Aron is a terrific asset to the business, a real team player and always with a smile on his face.

“It’s also great for the staff and the local community to see at first hand the barriers that are broken down by giving students with learning difficulties the opportunity to shine.”

Richard Johns, Director at Totnes Tyres said: “Cameron started in September 2022 and has been amazing, and we love having him around.

“We have been working alongside Lifeworks for the past five years and it gives us all a great sense of pride to be able to support them in such a positive way”.

Lifeworks support each student with interview and workplace preparation.

As well as guidance on what to expect and how to behave when they start, the college strives to help its students get off to the best start.

The level of support at the place of work will depend on what each individual requires.

Phil Whitehurst Lifeworks work placement coordinator said: “Businesses can have a significant impact on the students by providing them with flexible scheduling and adjustments to job duties. They can ensure students are able to perform their job duties to the best of their ability.

“Also, by providing training to supervisors and co-workers on how to effectively communicate and work with our students businesses can create a more inclusive and welcoming work environment for all employees.”