The Kingsbridge-based photographer Paul Carruthers has just won the UK’s Best Street Photographer of the year with Oneeyeland.

In addition to this, he is ranked fourth in the world.

Writing on his Facebook page the 53-year-old wrote: ‘My goal was just to get good enough with a camera that I could figure out how to take photos from when I got up in the morning until I go to bed, whether that involved sunrises, street, or astrophotography – I wanted to do it all. Getting to a level where people actually buy my images, and to be able to compete in some of these amazing competitions, was way beyond my wildest dreams.

Thanks again #oneeyeland for making my heart sing.

This follows his series Grockles about the relationship between locals and tourists in Devon and Cornwall coming second in the ND Awards and getting an honourable mention in the International Photography Awards for a book proposal. Paul was also shortlisted for The British Photography Awards.

Paul said: “I decided to do the Grockles series because coming from near Liverpool people notice my accent and often call me a Grockle. “There are areas of great poverty and very wealthy people buying up properties.”

Paul, who hails from Tranmere, originally wanted to be a professional footballer. He had trials for Tranmere and Shrewsbury but aged 18 a Sunday League game on an icy pitch in 1989 resulted in a knee injury and he has never played since.

Fast forward to 1991 and Paul was still on crutches but he picked up a camera and started taking photos. He exhibited his work at the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool and discovered that this was something that he was pretty good at.

The family, Paul, his wife and eldest son moved to Devon 17 years ago and loved the area and his family has grown since.

Paul said: “I always carry a camera with me so I’m ready for anything I see. ‘’It’s a solitary activity and I love doing long exposure shots.”

Paul has produced a book of some of his best work and is looking for a publisher.

He is very excited about the recognition that he has got so far and is looking forward to the future.