Kingsbridge resident and professional chef Ady Martin is a man on a mission, to improve the health and nutrition of everyone and allow them to live happier lives.

He was originally from Scunthorpe before moving to York, then London before arriving in the South Hams.

He worked for the three-star Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea.

He said: “Gordon was quite nice to his staff but we knew what we were getting.

“We were there for hard work and for discipline. He wasn’t there much so we worked with well-known chef called Clare Smyth.”

Ady became the head chef for the Mercedes Formula 1 team and used to travel with the team all around the world preparing delicious meals and specialised food for Michael Schumacker, Louis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg as well as the engineers, garage guys and other members of the team. He told me: “Michael Schumacker was a soft, very gentle family man. It’s a tragedy what happened to him.’’

He said he saw at first hand the lives of the very rich but also the very poor.

Ady learnt all about the special diets and nutrition needed for the drivers to help them to achieve peak performance.

He said: ‘‘I asked myself. Why is it that athletes feed their bodies differently from how we do? What is it they’re trying to achieve? What are we eating?’’

He said it’s all about creating teams and these teams can achieve great things for communities.

Ady noticed though a rapid decline in the quality of the food industry.

Simon Harrow at the Crabshell enticed Ady to Kingsbridge and he’s proud of the improvements he and the team made to the menu.

Eventually I wanted a break from cheffing and was lucky enough to meet former model Amanda Lubrani who had a vegetable garden at the back of her Kingsbridge manor house which hadn’t been used for seven years.

‘‘She told me if you want you can have a go at growing vegetables and she told me about wheatgrass that made everyone feel health so I started producing the juice.’’

Ady has set up The Green Grass Juice Co. He describes it as ‘a super healthy and convenient juice service that delivers the goods and donates a third of its profits to community grow projects, with the aim of advancing huge improvements to health and wellbeing as far as we can reach’

The drink itself is wheatgrass and green barley grass juice.

Ady wrote: ‘The drink iself is an absolute power house, offering so many health benefits. It’s an immune booster super shooter. Packed with vitamins and minerals. grown and squeezed fresh, made super tasty with apples, lemon and ginger mixed over ice it’s best consumed immediately and will last 12 hours in the fridge.

Starting with Kingsbridge and the South Hams but with plans to expand as far as it will possibly go Adie wants to start growing and distributing at a super local level, to our neighbourhoods, friends and families with peddle powered delivery, old school milk floats and converted vans at market stalls

He would also like the drink to be available outside hospitals.

To contact Adie you can e-mail: [email protected]