Dartmouth's rugby roadshow was up and running at Norton last weekend, with some much-needed match practice. It was a three-way practice session, hosting New Cross, (one league above), and Paignton, (two leagues above), with all three teams playing each other twice in energetic 20-minute sessions. It was fiercely competitive and a good run out for some of the Dartmouth players, with Martin Sharam, finding his new position at tight head prop now he's put a few pounds on during the summer barbecue break. Dave Cudd put in his usual methodical performance, along with stalwart Nick Shillabeer. The unstoppable Karl Caunter put his body through breaking point. Adam (The Wall) Sharam made some truly bone-crunching tackles. The evergreen Andy Williams and Dave (the Self Harmer) Bradley both put in shifts, with Brads, rucking out the Dartmouth and opposition players to get to the ball. Welcome returns were made by the likes of Ian (Want a fight?) Watton, Glen (The Tank) Allison and Freddy (Splitpin) Prettyjohns. It was also nice to see the Bridgwood brothers playing on the same pitch again, albeit for different teams. John (Man Mountain) Dingle put in his usual 'take me if you can' performance at number eight. Scott Silsbury hung on to the opposition players like a lion trying to bring down a wildebeest, filling in at scrum-half and full-back to show his versatility as a utility back. Rory Shillabeer, (already proving to be better than his dad Malcolm and his brother Nick), has grown in confidence and will be an asset to Dartmouth again this season. With his cheeky little runs and argumentative moments with players and referees alike and somehow getting away with it, club vice-chairman, Dave (Gibbo) Gibson gave his 'two penneth worth' and came off virtually unscathed. Dartmouth also have new players coming into the side, which is very promising and welcome. Dave Lawrence, Josh Duberly, Vince May and, although not new, one of our up and coming players Jamie Kearney are all ready for whatever the season brings. Also, the club still has players like Jerry Wiltshire, Reg Varney, Simon Entwistle and Matt Putt, all of whom add the guile and experience needed for the local derbies and to take on the Plymouth teams, together with helping to bring the younger players through. Dartmouth's next game is against Plymouth Argaum, at home, on Saturday, September 6. Your support will be valued. What else would you be doing at 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon? Hopefully the brambles will be cut back, which will give the local supporters more room and give some much needed vocal support.