South Hams Short Mat Bowls League

Week nine has seen a number of changes, but also illness caused some matches to be postponed.

The match between South Milton’s Originals and the Milky Bar Kids was one such. Slapton Cygnets shared the points with Strete, Cygnets ­taking four points with 35 shots and Strete taking two points with 22 shots. Totnes Milk Churns had a much easier match, taking all six points with 33 shots against South Milton Sanders’ 13.

Week nine saw all three matches completed with only one team taking all six points. South Brent recorded a six-point win for the second week running against Ivybridge Filham. South Brent scored 34 shots in an away game, taking the six points against Filham’s 18. With another loss, this result anchors Ivybridge Filham to the bottom of the table.

Ivybridge Erme, however, had a much better away game against Kingston. Erme took four points with 34 shots against Kinston’s 30 shots, giving them the remaining two points. Loddiswell also shared the points with Slapton Swans, scoring four points, with 28 shots against Slapton’s 24 and two points.

League three has also suffered from postponements due to illness, with the Diptford versus Wembury game being called off this week.

The Brentonians had a full points result in their home game against Foxhole. The Brentonians took the six points with 33 shots against Foxhole’s 19 shots.

The Milk Shakes’ away game against Dittisham was a shared result, with Dittisham taking four of the six points, scoring 37 shots against Milk Shakes’ 17. One Dittisham mat resulted in a wide margin of 28 to three to Dittisham, but Milk Shakes fought back on the other to get two points, making it 14-9.

With only a few games left, there are some clear favourites now to win unless something dramatic happens. Similarly, the signs are not good for those at the bottom end of the tables, with two to go down.