Totnes Skittles League

Westons took only their third win of the season against Diamonds. Sara Halliday hit her season’s best with 73 and Rachel Worth, filling in for absent captain Angela, rolled 77. Wagtails ‘out-spared’ Meadowbrooks by two, but still lost by two pins. Odds and Sods’ three-spare fourth end of 50 got them the match-winning lead over Follies. Ann Putt’s spares on the seventh and eighth legs got the Renegades their winning 25-pin lead over Cat’s Whiskers.

A four-spare 100 for Screwdrivers’ Dick Boon helped his team to a 39-pin win over Millers and moved his side into second in the men’s second division. Another loss for Panthers cuts their lead to one point. The much-improved Saints saw them off by 13. Panthers’ Matt Monaghan should have had a ton, but only gained 15 pins from his five spares. Woodpecker Paul Wakeham rolled a five-spare 104 to take them to a 19-pin win over Rangers.

Care Bears were set 39 to win by Berries after Sarah Life had got them in touch by hitting two consecutive spares. She made it three in a row, leading off with 15. Joan Phillips finished the job with a nine, giving her team a two-pin win. Lyn Courtenay hit form for Outsiders with a match-winning four-spare 82 against Gems.

It came down to the last leg for Shot, this time against Swashbucklers. Set 57 to win, spares from Shaun Luscombe and Martin Elliott got them the win by six. AJ Bligh hit a three-ball 24 for the Bucklers. Pilgrims are still on for runners-up spot after beating Wrecks by 41.


Ladies’ division one: Westons (R Worth 77) 279, Diamonds (S Edwards 69) 258; Gems (E Furneaux 67) 248, Outsiders (L Courtenay 82) 243; All Stars W/O Singles; Berries (C Paul 70) 261, Care Bears (S Life 73) 263.

Ladies’ division two: Ladybirds (R Binmore 67) 245, Seekers (J Howard 71) 254; Follies (K Watson 89) 261, Odds & Sods (V McGall 86) 281; Meadowbrooks (C Kneil 76) 279, Wagtails (A Billis 84) 277; Renegades (A Putt 80) 262, Cat’s Whiskers (C Pascoe 66) 237.

Men’s division one: Shot (M Eveleigh 87) 468, Swashbucklers (P Germon 91) 462; Wrecks (D Westaway 76) 403, Pilgrims (K Worth 87) 444.

Men’s division two: Flying Ws (J Mills 70) 367, RFC (M Edmonds 79) 407; Millers (J Life 74) 415, Screwdrivers (D Boon 100) 454; Saints (R Glanville 87) 442, (M Monaghan 87) 429; Rangers (K Farr 77) 430, Woodpeckers (P Wakeham 104) 449.