Woolwell’s District Councillor is gauging public opinion on getting a BMX-type pump track for young people.

Cllr Nicky Hopwood says she has received positive feedback: “There is money available from the new Pinewood development to do this and part of the stipulation for the money is that is has to be spent on youth.

“I had a first meeting last week with a pump track designer and officers from South Hams and both think the area in between the Woolwell Centre car park and the school fence is perfect and big enough to accommodate a good track which will have safety fencing around it. I have asked Lynn from the Woolwell Centre what her initial thoughts are as it is so near the Centre and she is very supportive and sees this as an opportunity to generate income from increased cafe sales. She also told me all her staff are now first aid trained which may come in handy.

“The surface will be a compounded tarmac which is made especially for the surface needed and not like road tarmac. I envisage there being seating and of course another litter bin by the track. There will be an inner circuit for very young enthusiasts.”

The next step is to form a consultation group of both younger and adult residents to be involved in the design. If you are interested you can e-mail with your contact details [email protected]