A petition to build a pump track on Loddiswell playing fields has had an overwhelmingly positive response from the local community. 

A pump track is a type of cycling circuit designed for various wheeled sports, including bikes, scooters, and skateboards. It typically consists of a looping trail with a series of banked turns and features like rollers and jumps. 

Will Paige, who is leading the petition, hopes the pump track will encourage people to get active and create a community space where people can socialise and learn new skills. 

He said: “The pump track is more than just a biking amenity. It represents the creation of a vibrant hub for healthy, inclusive recreation. 

“Beyond the evident physical benefits, it aims to foster social interaction, instill confidence, and offer a secure space for our children and the wider community to enjoy various wheeled sports.”

The community has responded positively to the proposed plans, with over 500 signatures on the petition so far.

Will said: “I am thrilled by the overwhelming support we’ve garnered in our local community for the pump track petition. 

“The significant number of signatures underscores a resounding desire for this recreational facility among Loddiswell residents and the broader community.”

The nearest pump tracks are in Dartington and Chudleigh, so a track in Loddiswell would be a welcome adddition for local bike-enthusiasts. 

In his petition, Will said: “By providing a purpose-built area, we can foster healthy recreation and ensure our children’s well-being and safety.

“Our community deserves a safe space to ride their bikes, learn new skills, and have fun with their friends.

“A pump track is not just about riding bikes; it’s about fostering physical fitness, building confidence, and promoting social interaction among children of all ages and abilities. Moreover, studies have shown that access to recreational facilities like pump tracks positively impacts the mental well-being of individuals within the community.”

The proposed area for the track is not final, but it has been suggested that Loddiswell playing fields be used for the intiative. 

Will added: “It’s important to note that while the petition has demonstrated strong support, nothing has been formally agreed upon yet. The petition serves as evidence, highlighting the pressing need for such a facility in Loddiswell and the surrounding areas.”

Will hopes this will create a safe space that will deter children from creating dangerous, homemade pump tracks. 

He said: “Local children are creating bike ramps and jumps in the village seeking to improve their bike skills.

“Often these are ‘home made’ and occasionally placed in precarious positions such as near roads and using material such as old pallets and bricks. It is brilliant that the children are showing passion for the sport, but as adults we should support them to develop these skills safely.”

A proposal for the project will be put forward to Loddiswell Trust on November 27, and Will hopes the petition will gain as many signatures as possible before this date to convey the  community’s enthusiasm for the plans. Will added: “(We) would like to go there with as much support as possible. So, if you haven’t signed it, please do!”

The petition highlighting the proposed plans for the pump track is available here: