Peter Wotton, of Lower Combe Farm, South Pool, writes: I have always believed that it is an Englishman's and Englishwoman's right to walk in the sunshine and cast their own shadow. By this I mean that one is entitled to an opinion. The planning rules, as administered by the district council, allow for this, and it is possible to go online to read what individuals have to say about the planning issues of the day. This will no longer be the case if an undemocratic and unidentified group opposing the Winslade Farm application have their way. These people – who wish to hide their identities – are planning a judicial review to overthrow due process by the local authority, with scant regard for the possible adverse effect on their neighbours. Our recent experience with a judicial review, instigated by John Casson against the district council, resulted in a bill for the local taxpayer of approximately £10,000 when a procedural inadequacy was revealed, although the planning decision stood. While I disagreed with John's action, it is to his credit that he did not seek to hide his actions and he wrote to your paper to justify his position. The positively Soviet stance of this new group is extremely worrisome. At a time when the council has just reported a budget deficit and many in our district are struggling financially, we have a faceless group seeking, at our expense, to overturn a democratic decision for their own narrow agenda. This is not moral, nor liable to engender an easy community spirit. I for one would not be comfortable enjoying a social occasion only to find that the person I am talking to has his hand in my pocket. My challenge to these timid creatures is to identify yourselves and express your willingness to meet the cost of your vexatious actions from your own pocket.