The foodbank in Kingsbridge have been hard at work this winter time ensuring children from low income families got the Christmas they deserve, and are happy and healthy.

They ensured that children in need of them received free school meal holiday vouchers for the Christmas school holiday. These vouchers were sent to eligible families at the end of the school term, to cover both the Christmas and February 2023 half-term holidays.

The foodbank said: “Families in Devon on low incomes, whose children receive free school meals, will get support this winter to help them buy food during the school holidays.

“Once again, we’re providing holiday food vouchers for children and young people who are eligible for benefit-related free school meals.”

They added: “That’s to give families more flexibility to prioritise and budget their winter food expenditure themselves.”

The vouchers could be used at the following supermarkets: Aldi, Iceland, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose and M&S Food. They ensured that children were fed properly through the holidays, which can be a difficult feat for families that usually rely on free school meals.

They have also been working to keep people warm, as the cost-of-living crisis affects households across the South Hams, and rising energy costs have left many feeling worried about staying warm during wintertime. They have appealed to those who donate to the foodbank to consider donating warming items such as blankets and socks to assist them in this endeavour.

In a post on social media, the foodbank said: “Dear donors, this Christmas we’re concentrating on keeping people warm; reducing bills (and) changing how we cook.

“We’ll be giving fleecy blankets, warm slippers and socks as presents; sharing money-saving tips and sending recipes for slow-cookers and microwave meals.

“If you would like to buy gifts, please bare this in mind.

“We’d like to make the current crisis a little easier for every single person who relies on our support.”

The object of the Kingsbridge Area Food Bank is to prevent or relieve poverty in Kingsbridge and surrounding areas, primarily through the provision of food, hygiene and household products, but also through related additional services, assistance and support for those in need. They have been providing crisis support to individuals and families in the local Kingsbridge area for over ten years.

The charity began to distribute food packages in September 2012, and in 2015, they found that the need for food parcels and general help increased. The arrival of Covid-19 in March 2020 brought more difficulties, requiring a dramatic change in their model of operation, including donation drop-off points. Despite these hardships, the foodbank have continued to aid families in need locally, helping the community through difficult times.

Their referrals come from a vast range of professional agencies including, but not exclusively, South Hams District Council, local Town & Parish Councils, Schools, Health Visitors, Doctor’s, Hospitals, Drug & Alcohol Services, and many more.

If you would like to donate supplies to the foodbank, they have collection bins at Tesco’s, Morrison’s and Age Concern in Kingsbridge.

To donate money, you can do so through their website:

To get into contact with the foodbank, or volunteer, call them at 07593 881633.