All four of Friends of the Dart’s bathing water application sites are through to consultation.

The sites on the Dart Estuary at Steamer Quay in Totnes, Stoke Gabriel, Dittisham and Warfleet Creek at Dartmouth.

It’s part of the government’s plan to improve water quality across the country.

Director Hannah Pearson said: “Our negotiations with South West water have shown us that achieving bathing status will update the timeline for resolution to sewage and waste water spills both at the site and 5km upstream. Bathing status can make a real difference for the health of our river.”

The Environment Agency will create 27 new designated swimming spots across England. If designated, sites will receive regular water monitoring from the Environment Agency, who will investigate pollution sources and identify steps to be taken in response, which could include actions by water companies, farmers and others.

Water Minister Robbie Moore said: “Many people enjoy spending time in our rivers, lakes, and coastal beaches, and I am very aware of the value they bring in terms of social, health and wellbeing benefits.

“I want to continue to improve the quality of our bathing waters, which is why we are taking action across the board to drive up standards and hold water companies to account. I encourage all local communities and organisations with an interest to take part in this consultation and have their say.”

Currently, when selecting new sites, the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs considers how many people bathe there and if the site has suitable infrastructure and facilities, such as toilets.

All applications are assessed against these factors and only those that meet these factors are taken forward to public consultation.

The Bathing Water Regulations define a bathing water as a surface water where “...the Secretary of State expects a large number of people to bathe, having regard in particular to past trends and any infrastructure or facilities provided.”

To join in and help to bring about bathing status you have until March 10.