Students in Kestrals class at Harbertonford Primary School prepared a Harvest Feast of homemade pumpkin soup and bread rolls, before kindly inviting members of the community to share it with them as part of their Harvest celebrations. 

The feast was part of the schools cookery programme, which is organised and run by kitchen manager Brittany Harris. The children worked in groups to prepare the soup and rolls, which they made entirely from scratch. As part of the lesson they learnt how to use a knife to chop onions and followed recipes to make the dishes for their feast. 

Students then invited regular volunteers and members of the community to the school the next afternoon to come and enjoy the results of their efforts. During this time they also took the opportunity to share their work from their recent art project about mosaics. 

Kitchen manager Brittany Harris said: “It has been lovely to see the children developing and building on their skills as we enter the second year of our programme. 

They were great hosts to our visitors, who were extremely complimentary about the food they served. It is also wonderful that some of the children  went on to make this at home, as our main aim is to ensure the children build a repertoire of recipes and skills that will stand them in good stead later in life.”