This photo taken by a member of staff at the Millbrook Inn, South Pool, shows that there is still snow hanging around.

Not a nice thing to be confronted with on a blind bend in the lanes, so please be aware that some back lanes are still full of snow drifts.

One lane around East Allington is still blocked because someone tried to drive a 4x4 over it and got stuck. The driver abandoned the vehicle but tractors can now not clear the road as there is a 4x4 on top of the snow.

The papers this week have nine pages of coverage of the snow days and the damage wrought by Storm Emma on our coastline.

We thank those who helped out their friends, neighbours and fellow humans, reflect on the cost of the damage to Torcross, Beesands and Hallsands, and print dozens of your pictures that show the full beauty, fun and danger of the four-day ’snowmageddon’.