Hi all, a busy couple of weeks.

The pace of life begins to quicken as we start to work our way through 2023.

The multitude of maintenance jobs have been gathering over the winter, as the harsh weather batters the farms infrastructure, as well as its resolve. All of these jobs must be completed now for the start of a new season, the milder, dryer weather allowing field work to begin in earnest, without causing huge damage to the otherwise sodden ground. The Slapton Strollers have certainly been enjoying the new year. On Thursday the 9th, 25 Strollers met in the Sea Trout car park at Staverton to commence the ‘Snowdrop Walk', writes Jane Ashby, “We took the path by the Church eventually coming out by the railway line”,

“After going along a board walk through a small nature reserve, then past the playing fields, we came out on the road down to the level crossing. On the other side we proceeded along the path by the Dart, which passed through a carpet of Snowdrops. (Please note part of this path is closed at weekends)”, “The path finally took us out on to the road back to the Sea Trout for a good lunch”. Have a great week everyone, as usual if you have anything that you would like raising in the weekly column please just ping me an email.