A military rifle lost three months ago on Dartmoor during a Royal Marine training exercise has been found, according to the BBC.

The standard-issue SA-80 rifle was lost in July. According to the Royal Navy, it was recovered by personnel from the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Lympstone, reportedly by the same outfit that lost it.

It is not yet known what condition the weapon was in when it was found, but it was unloaded at the time.

The Ministry of Defence launched an investigation when the weapon was lost.

A Royal Navy spokesperson told the BBC: "We can confirm that the unloaded SA-80 rifle lost on the Dartmoor training area in the summer has been recovered by personnel from Commando Training Centre Royal Marines."

The SA-80 rifle has been used by the British armed forces since the 1980s. It has a ‘bullpup’ configuration, meaning that the magazine is located behind the trigger.