Over 250 cadets from 13 different University Royal Naval Units swapped their lecture halls and coursework for a weekend of officer training at the world-renowned Britannia Royal Naval College.

Conducted over three weekends, the cadets took part in activities on the River Dart and developed their communication and teamwork skills during practical leadership tasks around the College grounds and using the low ropes training course.

They also spent time on BRNC’s state-of-the-art bridge simulator and carried out some ceremonial training on the parade ground. In addition they undertook their military swim test.

Some of the URNU students were also lucky enough to train alongside the German cadets who were visiting BRNC for a militarisation exchange package.

Sub Lieutenant Lewis Ginger, BRNC’s Sponsored Undergraduate Staff Officer, said: “These weekends are challenging, exciting and designed to push the cadets further than they thought possible, just like initial officer training.

The timetable is tight; they were busy, constantly on the go taking part in activities that encourage team work and leadership combined.

“Despite the challenging weather we also had fun. I would like to say how impressed I was with the students from the respective URNUs and would encourage all to think about joining this amazing life we call a career in the Royal Navy.

“My thanks go out to all the staff at BRNC who once again, delivered world leading training to the future professionals of our country.”

As a member of the URNU there is no commitment to join the Royal Navy. The main purpose of the organisation is to develop knowledge of the service as well as leadership, personal and inter-personal skills while building on the importance of teamwork, which cadets can take into whatever career path they choose.

There are 15 URNUs located across the country and the acquaint at BRNC is just one of many exciting opportunities that are available for members.