A stunning beach sculpture was discovered by members of the public on a Slapton beach this week.

The mysterious artwork, fashioned from flat stones into neat circular shapes or stacked into columns, reportedly appeared close to a car park located just above the beach on Slapton Sands.

One person on Facebook suggested the sculpture must have taken hours to make, while pointing out that it did not survive for long as the high tide “took it back into the sea...as though it never existed”. Another person described the sculpture as “beautiful”. While many wondered who the artist(s) was, Katie Panton, on Facebook, said it was the work of a father and son team, identified as ‘Ben’ and ‘Sachin’, who are staying at her holiday let near Slapton.

She said: “Sachin is the talented designer and Ben (dad) helps to gather stones. You may remember a similar construction on Slapton Sands last year which was their work too!”