South West Devon MP Sir Gary Streeter has launched a blistering attack on former PM and MP Boris Johnson.

MP's will debate the report by the Privileges Committee on Monday and will be asked to either support it, oppose it or abstain.

Sir Gary said: ''I have now read the report carefully.  It is credible and authoritative, and I will vote to support its findings.  

''Boris Johnson was a man capable of greatness but deeply flawed. Sadly, the flaws overcame the greatness, and he has only himself to blame.

''The country is now under very clear and dynamic leadership in Rishi Sunak who is getting to grips with some of the mess he inherited.''

Had Boris Johnson not resigned as an MP the committee were recommending that he be suspended for forty days for misleading MPs over Partygate.

They also recommended that he should not receive a former MPs pass to the parliamentary estate.

We have contacted Totnes MP Anthony Mangnall to ask him for his reaction and voting intentions.