Gilboys in Totnes features in BBC2’s Inside the Factory to be screened on Sunday February 18.

Viewers will be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s meticulous polish crafting process.

The company was incorporated in 2002 and moved to its current workshop right next to the Dart Valley Railway in 2015 where, after restoring fine antique furniture throughout his career, founder Simon Gilboy decided to make his own polish. In a highly competitive market, manufacturers are constantly looking to reduce costs.

This inevitably leads to lower quality ingredients being used.

The “recipe” remains the same, but the quality of the polish declines.

So Simon set about formulating his own beeswax polish using only the very best ingredients he could acquire.

Selling the polish, or reducing costs to increase profit could not have been further from his mind. He simply wanted to make the best polish possible for his own restoration work.

Simon takes up the story: “As winter approached in late November 2021, we received an inquiry that would soon spotlight our artisanal processes on national television.

“The proposal from Voltage TV ignited a flurry of excitement, leading to the swift arrival of presenter Cherry Healey and the BBC film crew at the picturesque Buckfast Abbey.

“Amidst the late autumn chill, the crew, alongside Clare Densely, Buckfast Abbey’s esteemed beekeeper, embarked on a journey to capture the essence of beekeeping and beeswax harvesting, a foundational element of Gilboys’ polish.”

Simon continued: “Viewers will witness the serene yet diligent bees at work, their gentle hum a testament to the care and respect afforded by Clare and the Abbey’s team.”

The programme then visits the workshop in Staverton where a unique blend of natural waxes, including T1-grade carnauba and Myrica wax are blended with pure pine turpentine.

Simon remarked: “This episode celebrates the enduring bond between humans and bees, the importance of sustainable practices, and the art of craftsmanship.”