ANNETTE ROSSER, of Crowthers Hill, Dartmouth, writes:

How much more destruction of Dartmouth’s heritage will the South Hams planning department allow in order to park a car?

35 Crowthers Hill, a second home, wants to destroy the ‘bedrock’ of the hill where an old ring-bolt has been since the first stone houses were built. This is the oldest recorded track from the settlement at ‘Capton’, where there were ‘round mud huts with thatched roofs’. The historic progress to stone ­houses can be seen on properties ­opposite that were built on Merchants House, which was itself built in the 1700s.

One minute Dartmouth is planning to celebrate the Mayflower’s voyage, and then it allows the devastation of the visible remains of the history of the town.

Alas, it seems money talks louder than the voices of residents who live here permanently and try to protect the history of Dartmouth and its traders.