Ivybridge YFC chairman Kayleigh Lovegrove proudly shows off the club’s display at the Devon County Show last week.

Devon’s YFC tent is a one-stop shop for the very latest from the county’s clubs. Each year clubs put together a display for photos, text and more detailing their activities throughout the past year.

Revellers at this year’s show were rightfully drawn to Ivybridge YFC’s display, for they were the winners of the Crealy Challenge!

‘These displays are basically a means for us to promote all the things we do at our club,’ said Kayleigh.

The Crealy Challenge, organised by Devon YFC Association, saw teams from across the county descend upon the theme park to run around the indoor play area along a set route: the team to complete the route the quickest wins.

‘We won as a club and that was really lovely,’ Kayleigh said.

‘The display is everything and anything we do that shows people what it is we do as a club, what the benefits are of joining our club and just for them to see how much fun we have!’ said Kayleigh, who is also Vice-chairman of South Dartmoor YFC.