A league of friends changes its name but remains on hand to help.

Despite the closure of Dartmouth Hospital, its league of friends will continue to raise funds for the community and appropriately rename itself: League of Friends, Dartmouth and District Healthcare.

Carol Lingard of the Friends said: “At a meeting of the Trustees of ‘Dartmouth Hospital League of Friends’ it was decided that the closure of the Hospital did not mean we would disband.

“A few years ago we changed our constitution so we could supply items needed by the community so changing the name with the Charity Commission did not prove an issue. We are now League of Friends, Dartmouth and District Healthcare. We will continue to fund raise and receive donations as before.

At a meeting recently with the Trust the question was asked about the whereabouts of the equipment bought by the League over the past few years now that the hospital has closed.

“Many items have been located in other community hospitals clearly marked that they were donated by the Dartmouth League of Friends, there are still things at the hospital that are waiting to move to the new establishment. It must be remembered that once we have bought an item it does not ‘belong’ to us but is the property of the Trust and can be disposed of as they wish.

“Our next fund raising event is the horse racing evening on Friday, January 19, at 7pm in Stoke Fleming Village Hall. Any one interested in coming please contact Carol Lingard, 01803 832105. Tickets are £8 which includes refreshments, bets are 50p a time.”