Steve Dooley, of South Pool, writes:

The EU has a lot on its plate. A massive immigration ­problem, a dysfunctional Euro, Greece as a failing state, a resurgent Russia, the prospect of 75 million Turks gaining access and terrorism in its major cities.

The EU will inevitably change significantly in the ­coming years as it grapples with these problems, while ­pursuing its own ambition to create a United States of Europe.

So if you plan to vote to remain in the EU, you will ­definitely not be voting for ‘no change’.

You would be voting to be dragged along in the wake of the EU as it attempts to deal with all these problems, and you can be quite sure that the interests of the UK will not ­feature very highly when ­decisions are made.

Leaving the EU has some uncertainties, of course, but far better to vote to leave and regain control of our own destiny.