DOODIE BOWSER, of Raleigh Road, Townstal, Dartmouth, writes:

For the last two years I have lived quite harmlessly in a stable block on land at Capton.

Unfortunately someone out there in their infinite wisdom decided to complain to the planning department about me living there.

Only they know why and I hope they are very pleased with themselves.

I was not any threat to them or theirs or ever would be. 'Live and let live' is my philosophy.

The Environmental Health were called in to assess the place.

Unfortunately it was deemed unfit but to me it was home. I was given notice of eviction and thus became homeless.

I am now rehoused away from them and I would like to give a big thank you to Tor Homes who have been so very sympathetic to me, also to the Environmental Health boys who showed me nothing but kindness and understanding.

I also want to say a very big thank you to the people of Capton and Dittisham who signed a petition for me to stay in my wonderful home in Capton.

It was a real eye opener to realise how many friends I have.

So I now have a new place and will endeavour to make it my home.

Thank you one and all.