Devon’s first ever Tree and Woodland strategy has been adopted by the Devon Local Nature Partnership to enhance and protect trees and woodlands in the county.

The strategy sets out ambitions for our precious trees, hedges and woodlands from now until 2050.

It plans for the delivery of an additional 3000 hectares of woodland and trees in Devon by 2030, to help achieve an increase in the county’s tree cover from 14% to 16.5% by 2050, meeting the UK’s national target.

The strategy highlights that Devon’s woodland resources are worth an estimated £359.5 million - the estimated value trees have on climate, flood regulation, air quality, and as places to visit for recreation to support physical health and mental wellbeing.

Professor Michael Winter, chair of DLNP, said: “The strategy will enable foresters, land managers, communities, developers, planners and nature restorers to work towards a common goal of ensuring the best outcomes for people, nature and climate.”