On a rainy night this week one of the world’s best rock climbers visited Exeter Barnfield Theatre to talk about ‘The Walls Within’ – fears we all face in our lives.

Hazel Findlay’s humble stage presence belied the photos and video footage of her shouting and scaling huge walls of rock. Having just returned from a tour of Greenland with the world’s most famous climber, Alex Honnold, she entertained her Exeter audience with captivating footage of their expedition across huge glaciars and up death-defying rock faces.

With a gentle humour, the self-deprecating Hazel took us through her life as a climber, from starting climbing at the age of six with her daredevil dad.

She interwove her climbing tales with the mental challenges we all face – including fears of getting hurt, failure and what others think, as well as inner confidence and imposter syndrome. An enjoyable and life-affirming talk which cheered us all up on a wet Monday.