Devon’s deal for devolution is being put to a six-week public consultation.

The consultation is on the deal announced by Levelling Up minister Luke Young MP, which would create a combined county authority between Devon County Council and Torbay Council.

Under the current proposals it would draw together already elected councillors from both authority’s to create a formal partnership.

Torbay Council have said that the deal would not require removing or merging local councils and councillors or create a Mayor for Devon and Torbay.

The results of the consultation will not be considered by both councils until April.

Kevin Foster MP for Torbay, said: “The Torbay and Devon Devolution deal means more power to make decisions in our county for our county, plus it sets up a framework for going further in future and better working together on issues such as housing and transport, with the door still open for Plymouth to join if it wishes. An additional, £16m of funding will help kick-start the work being done under and it’s a deal we should all get behind.”

Anthony Mangnall MP, said: “The Devon Devolution deal offers new powers and resources to Devon to improve local services. Whether it be transport, education services or housing it has always been clear that decisions about Devon are best made here rather than in London. I hope residents will take part in this consultation and help approve great local decision making powers to our great county.”