Dartmouth locals are fighting back against proposed plans for parking meters in the town. 

There will be a consultation at the end of this month on the proposed meters, which will be placed along Dartmouth Embankment if the plans go through. 

Local town councillors and Teddy Cranmer, a Dartmouth campaigner, are working tirelessly to put a stop to the plans. 

Jonathan Hawkins, Town Councillor for Dartmouth, said: “I believe we can clearly show Dartmouth does not want meters. We have all heard their claims, but in my view it is clearly a money making exercise. 

“With our town and many of its business struggling in these hard economic times this does not help anyone. A campaign is ready to roll.”

Teddy and Jonathan are going to be delivering leaflets to encourage local people and visitors to join their rallying cry and oppose the meters. 

Jonathan added: “County Hall must have a clear message that Dartmouth says NO.”

As well as distributing up to 10,000 leaflets, they are also running an online survey so they can clearly convey to Devon County Council that they do not want parking meters in their town.

Mr Hawkins explained the detrimental impact it would have on local businesses. 

He said: “With the current economic climate and the difficulties our town centre businesses are having, meters will only hamper our recovery. Hopefully residents and visitors alike will send a clear message to County Hall.”

Mr Cranmer, who has been leading the fight back against the meters, said: “In 2010/11 we managed to put an end to their parking meter scheme by using the Localism Bill as it then was. 

“Sadly we cannot use that now... Therefore this time we will have to rely on numbers and present Devon County Council with so many that it would be highly undemocratic of them to go against the majority of those who live here, work here or visit by car.  

“It would clearly kill a large part of the commercial activity in the town. As the PM said, ‘lay off the motorist.’

 “I am also arranging teams to go round every car in the town maybe twice a week to tuck a leaflet under a windscreen wiper... 

“This is a battle we must not lose or we can say ‘goodbye’ to the town as we know it.”