THE new station will not only represent a return home, but also make launching far easier and safer.

Currently, the Dart crew launch their D class lifeboat from their temporary station building by driving it a quarter of a mile across an often muddy park and two main roads.

The new station is located directly opposite a slipway, shaving precious minutes off launch times.

“Launching like this can be a real challenge” says volunteer Helm Rich Eggleton. “The new location will help us to reduce the time it takes to get the boat in the water, as well as giving us far better facilities for the crew.

“We’re really looking forward to having a permanent home, with everything in the right place. We’ve never really had that. It will give everyone a sense of security that we’re here to stay and can carry on saving lives.”

Planninghas now been approved to transform Ferry View into a home for Dart RNLI for many years to come. But the costs of the transformation are expected to be around £1.2m, so the station is preparing for a mammoth fundraising task.

If you would like to support Dart RNLI to return home, please visit