Like many hundreds of Dartmouth residents, I attended the meeting at St Saviour’s on June 22, where our MP Dr Sarah Wollaston was addressing our fears regarding the closure of Dartmouth Hospital and the future of the clinical commissioning group to secure River View.

We were informed by our MP that she has no influence over the CCG’s decisions (in spite of chairing the health select committee and, according to the Health Service Journal, being the “20th most influential person in the English NHS”).

Dr Wollaston also stated that there was no real prospect of our hospital being reopened even as a temporary measure.

Our MP has increased her profile and used her influence to press for Parliament to

have a “meaningful vote” on

the final Brexit deal. How unfortunate that she has no influence over decisions to close our cottage hospital, last bank or police station.

What a sorry state of affairs.

Theresa Head,

Mansion House Street,