Flooding impacted towns across the South Hams on the weekend, with towns like Dartmouth and Harberton being badly affected by the flash floods. 

Heavy rain on Sunday September 17 was the cause of the floods, which occurred throughout parts of Devon and Somerset.

On Sunday, the fire brigade were called to pump out the market in Dartmouth, which was one of the places badly affected by the storm. 

Dartmouth Town Council staff visited the site and activated the floodplan for the market as a precaution. 

A spokesperson for Devon Fire and Rescue Service said: “It’s been a busy weekend for the fire service. There was significant flooding in and around the South Hams which led to crews across Devon being called to assist with incidents at properties and roadways to relieve water from flooded properties and keep residents safe and support the removal of debris from roads.”

Jonathan Hawkins, Town Cllr, said he was “pleased that no one was hurt.” 

He added: “Thanks to the fire brigade for attending and helping to clear up and remove the water. I have spoken to the Highways team who I know also had a very busy weekend.”

In Harberton, the heavy downpour saw over twenty homes flooded, and the clean up is still taking place.