Staff at the Dartington-based Lifeworks charity have experienced an immersive autism reality.

The team attended the Autism Reality Experience training on the mobile Autism Bus, run by Training2Care UK.

The training enabled staff to truly comprehend just how difficult the most basic tasks can be for those with autism. They learned how autism can present immense challenges to approaching and encountering daily activities a non-autistic person would simply take for granted, giving them a deeper appreciation of the struggles experienced by the young people the charity supports.

A charity spokesperson said: “It has brought to life all the knowledge staff attain throughout their career at Lifeworks, and the advanced theory element at the end of the practical session solidifies and expands on that awareness.

The young people in our care really do amaze and delight us on a daily basis, and this training has further proved how privileged we are to support them to develop their life skills and face the future head-on.”