Nathalie Hayward, of Moreleigh, writes

I am writing this letter in response to the 'wind turbine' article in last week's Kingsbrige and Salcombe Gazette.

The use and acquisition of fossil fuels has been proven to devastate our environment.

For this reason we must, as a nation, encourage alternative and clean reliable sources of energy for the future that create the least environmental damage.

It has been recently suggested that the small wind turbine proposed to be built at Newlands Farm will have catastrophic effects on the local bat and barn owl population but this is quite simply not the case.

Animals are very rarely affected and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest our precious Devonshire wildlife will be under any serious threat.

With regard to arguments raised concerning the negative modification of the landscape, the small domestic 18.3m hub height turbine proposed to be built at Ritson Farm and 24m hub height at Newlands Farm is significantly smaller than the 45.72m that was proposed at Blackberry Barn.

While there will be a change against the undulating backdrop of the South Hams, they are considered by many to be beautiful, non-offensive objects and a wonderful example of necessary human innovation in our ever changing world.

The Government needs this county's continued support in reaching its renewable energy targets and we all need to set a positive example to future generations, inspiring them to be environmentally responsible and resourceful.

If they are not the long-term implications are catastrophic.

The electronic and fossil fuelled luxuries we have all become so accustomed to, and around which we base our lives such as, computers, washing machines, cars and lights will be no longer be sustainable.

This will happen if conscientious individuals don't start making a difference today.

Careful planning in the local community will enable us to avoid an impending and extremely destructive nuclear age.

Our countryside and its sanctity are of utmost importance to all of us but without change our children will surely suffer.