KW KERSLAKE, of South Road, Taunton, writes: I write to thank you for sending me a copy of your recent article regarding the sale of the 'Cold War Bunker' at Higher Soar on the cliffs above Salcombe. I was particularly interested in this story because I served in the RAF during my national service, from 1953 to 1955. For part of that time I was stationed at what was then known as RAF Hope Cove, a radar station located at the 'bunker', with its domestic HQ and living quarters at Malborough. During the Second World War the area was known as RAF Bolt Head, with two runways designed as an alternative take-off and landing area for what was then RAF Exeter. There were also radar facilities. In 1952 these were replaced and updated by installation of this 'bunker' as a result of the Cold War. With the passage of time new technical development brought about the closure of RAF Hope Cove, but the 'bunker' remained. This led to its identification as a possible source or location of regional government. Its security and remoteness from large centres of population were the reasons why the Home Office thought it suitable in the event of emergency at that time.