A 26-year-old won bronze at the Global Powerlifting European Championships.

Ellen Freeborn who was brought up in Dartmouth competed in the championships on Sunday, May 27, where she finished third in Nancy in France.

She qualified in February of this year at an event in Eastbourne which allowed Ellen to compete at both European and World level for Great Britain in the women’s under 60kg category.

Powerlifting consists of three lifts: a back squat, a bench press and a deadlift. In total, Ellen lifted a total amount of 362.5kg.

Fellow GB competitor Kelly Brown won the gold and a German athlete finished second.

Ellen has said she now hopes to improve her performance ahead of the World Championships which will be held in Eger in Hungary in September.

She no longer lives in Dartmouth but Ellen’s grandfather lives in Townstal Pathfields and she trains in Sparta in Brixham and Peak Physique in Torquay.

Her enthusiasm for the sport originated from playing gaelic football. Through fitness training she discovered she was good at deadlifts and squats and learnt to bench. Then she went to a beginners powerlifting competition and afterwards was invited to Cheshire for the GB team qualifiers two years ago.

“I enjoy powerlifting as it gives me a focus beyond my normal work and different personal goals to train for.

“As well as this, the variety of people I train with and the powerlifting community is a friendly atmosphere providing a break from everyday life.“