A huge herd of cows fled from their farm and butchered a woman’s car on a busy South Hams road.

Police said 40 to 100 cows wreaked havoc on the route between Brixton and Plympton on Thursday last week.

For some, the holdup was a pain in the grass – but for udders, it was a complete nightmare.

Officers say a woman’s car was literally bulldozed when the animals steaked their claim on the road – causing it significant damage.

But the herd didn’t have long to milk the search for pastures new.

Police soon arrived to moo-ve them along – and they were beef bourguig-gone.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: “Police were called at around 8.20pm on Thursday, October 24, following reports of a herd of cows in the road in the Red Lion Hill area of Brixton.

“A number of motorists said that between 40 and 100 cattle were blocking the highway near the new Sherford estate.

“One driver reported that the cows had trampled over her car, causing an extensive amount of damage, leaving her shaken.

“This occurred at around 8.30pm and the woman said it was due to a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction, causing the animals to turn around.

“Officers attended the scene and the owner the cows duly returned them to their field.”

Witness Beth McClements said: “They escaped through a hedge and down onto the road.

“Cars were blocked either end with nowhere to go.

“I was lucky my car was not trampled.”