Blackpool Sands is introducing an engaging and educational experience for young children and their families.

In partnership with St Christopher’s Nursery and Prep School at Staverton near Totnes, it has created a free quiz with free colouring pencils, which will be given out to children of customers at the takeaway.

The quiz has been created to stimulate young imaginations and encourage them to fall in love with the surrounding marine and beach environment at Blackpool Sands.

They can scribble, draw and colour in to their heart’s content discovering fascinating facts about the seaside at the same time.

Headmistress Mrs. Alexandra Cottell remarked: ”We adore Blackpool Sands; it’s a beautiful beach. We are genuinely thrilled to have partnered with Blackpool Sands to craft a quiz, with the hope that it will kindle a deep love for their surroundings among the children.”

For takeaway customers there’s also a lovely indoor space too, right on the beach, with stunning views of the sea, and protection from autumn showers.

There are plenty of tables, chairs and sofas to relax and savour the sounds of the wind and sea, while tucking into warming drinks and food, and helping little ones fill in their quiz.

Dogs are also welcomed back on the beach from October 1, with free compostable dog poo bags too so that on one misses out on seaside adventure, making it an ideal destination for the whole family.

Blackpool Sands takes its commitment to the environment seriously. Its pristine beach and surrounding areas are meticulously cared for, providing a clean and vibrant habitat for marine and wildlife. Sustainability is at the core of its values, with a plastic and glass-free policy and a focus on sourcing all food locally. There is a parking charge.