Brixham played host to one of Devon’s most popular events over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend - the annual Pirate Festival.

Over three days, the popular coastal resort held free entertainment and live music shows, attracting thousands of people from across the country, many of whom donned dazzling pirate costumes, with some doing very convincing impersonations of the Pirates of the Caribbean film character, Jack Sparrow.

And there was even a wedding at the festival aboard a replica Golden Hind.

Now in its 14th year, the festival has grown in popularity, and this year the event was marked by the visit of the carrack NAO Victoria, a Spanish replica of the first ship to circumnavigate the globe, back in the 16th Century.

The NAO Victoria (on the right) (Tindle / Richard Torne)

Jack Sparrow impersonator, Leah, from Kent. “I am THE female Jack!" (Tindle / Richard Torne)

Zoe (left) got married at the festival to Paul (extreme right) aboard a Golden Hind replica. They were joined by Colin (second left), from South Shields, and Kerry (Tindle / Richard Torne)

Nigel from Weston-super-Mare and member of The Steepholmers sea shanty group performed at the festival (Tindle / Richard Torne)

Four Spanish members of crew of the NAO Victoria, the replica of the carrack that circumnavigated the globe in the 16th Century. “Brixham’s beautiful - we’ve had a great time.” (Tindle / Richard Torne)

Melvin the parrot with his owner Loren. “He absolutely loves the crowds – he gets treats, he gets sunshine and he gets pets” (Tindle / Richard Torne)

Thumbs up from Pepe, NAO Victoria crew member (Tindle / Richard Torne)