Anger over councillor's dog festival comments

By Stuart Nuttall in Local People

The online publication of the Dartmouth Chronicle’s front page has attracted dozens of comments in favour of Woofstock UK, a dog festival held in the town, and angry reaction to comments made by a town councillor and director of the visitor centre.

Gina Coles had told the Chronicle she had done a “rain dance’, in the hope of blighting the one-day event of Coronation Park. She also said organiser Heather Nesbitt was “not the right sort” to hold the festival.

Among those commenting on social media was Lucy Willetts, the Chronicle’s Stoke Fleming village correspondent.

She said: “Disgusting woman ... ignore her Harry Nesbitt ... absolutely every single person I’ve spoken to without fail thinks it was a brilliant event - it was so well organised and more importantly well attended - thus bringing seriously much needed business into the town! As someone already said - Gina Coles should stand down - she’s a disgrace (not to mention clueless!!).

Karen Fletcher said: “We all had a fabulous day. Heather And Carol done an absolutely brilliant job. So many thanks to you my friends. What you guys done for Dartmouth is outstanding. Truly no words. Professional, outstanding day. Proud to not just know you but love you, and call you my friends. 

Woofstockuk rocks!! Xxx”

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Andrew StokesOwen · 8 days ago · Report

Woodstock was a resounding success and brought people into the area & in turn local businesses benefited from the money spent in the area. Well done to Heather and all those that organised it. Councillor Coles, your views are outdated & outrageous and you need to be held to account for these and what's more, you need voting OUT!

Christine Lewsey · 9 days ago · Report

I came with my family and dog specifically to attend Woofstock. I don't know the organisers personally but I understand that a nasty homophobic woman has sighted their sexuality as a reason to object to this lovely event. I suggest that the councillor is paid a visit by the local constabulary for inciting hate crime. She should be booted off the council. There is no room in today's society for such irrational hatred and it must be stamped out and punished.

Anne steele · 9 days ago · Report

Tory councillor say no more you are evil hope karma bites you in the ass

Greta · 9 days ago · Report

Councillor, thou art a very superficial, ignorant and unpleasant loser. Shame on you. I'm doing my rain dance from across the pond so that all evil you wish for others actuates a reversal and hits YOU ten fold.

Sandra Pounder · 9 days ago · Report

What an absolute disgrace this excuse for a woman is. Should she really be representing the public with such biased and outdated views? Which century is she living in? Certainly not the same one as me where tolerance and equality matter. Im sickened by the comments of this hideous woman, Thank goodness she is in the minority of dinosaur bigots!!

Molly Meg · 10 days ago · Report

Obviously a bigoted, homophobic woman with her own issues who deemed it acceptable to target a successful event and personally attack an individual. Unprofessional in every sense, an embarrassment to the council colleagues and the community. A formal reprimand and an apology in the press should be the least expectation!

Sharon · 10 days ago · Report

Cllr Coles should be thoroughly ashamed of herself! As a local councillor she is supposed to be there to support such things. Woofstock got people from all over the country to visit. I hope her local constituency is proud of having someone like that. To me it looks like Cllr Coles 'is not the right sort' to be a councillor!

Carol.canty · 10 days ago · Report

Again why are the Conservatives so out of touch with the British people. This is a fantastic day out, a lot of money is raised for good causes,it brings in money to the local area.I think a public apology should be made.

Marian Humphryes · 10 days ago · Report

I would just like to say I found Woofstock to be an extremely organised and well planned Festival. The venue was fantastic and Dartmouth should be proud to host such an event. I found Councillor Coles comments extremely upsetting, instead of a personal attack she should be thanking Heather for bringing so many visitors to Dartmouth.

MRS L DILLIWAY · 10 days ago · Report

This woman needs to explain herself. This is a terrible thing for anyone to say, let alone a counsellor. She needs to be reported to Central Office. WOOFSTOCK UK was an amazing, well run event that bought many visitors to your lovely town. We did think of returning but we are not so sure now.

Daphne Berry · 10 days ago · Report

Facebook users might like to friend Harry Nesbitt and/or read over 100 messages of support for Heather.

Billy Brown · 10 days ago · Report

We travelled from the Midlands to attend, staying 4 nights locally. 3 out of the 4 rooms were taken up with people attending Woofstock UK. We spent hundreds in the town, coming only for this event. It was extremely well ran, planned and managed. As for Heather being "Not the right sort" if she isn't I would like to know who is!! This is really offensive. I hope this woman explains herself and I hope the voters bear this in mind next election.

Nigel Kitto · 10 days ago · Report

What an absolutely vile councillor Dartmouth have. It was a glorious day, busy and very friendly. We travelled up from Falmouth for Woofstock to support Heather. When my wife had a serious accident last year (Google Kay Kitto Falmouth accident) Heather was amazing, raised funds to help us, visited us in Derriford, was there as support for me. She is one of the nicest people you will EVER meet. This attack on her is disgusting.

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