Beesands' kid's play equipment removed due to sand - new location sought

By Sam Acourt in Community News

Beesands has lost two items of play equipment after South Hams Council put them in storage while they look for an alternative location.

The ‘jungle gym’ and roundabout in the Beesands play area had been fenced off for months after sand and stones were continually washed into the area. The sand meant that the soft landing flooring put underneath the play equipment became so covered that it was no longer safe.

A local resident contacted us to say that the area needed to be better fenced to prevent the sand getting into the area, but high seas meant that the sand was being thrown over the fence, rather than through it.

A spokesperson from South Hams District Council said: “Following a recent meeting with Stokenham Parish Council, we have agreed to remove the front play equipment area due to gravel washing up during high seas. The rear three pieces of equipment will remain open.

“Going forward, the council will work with the community to find a suitable alternative for the park in a more sustainable location. This will include consideration of other council-owned land in Beesands, or the potential purchase of land within Beesands for a new play area.”

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